The Aeolian Singers

45th Anniversary

Jenny Hasselman

We welcome Jenny Hasselman as our new Business & Communications Manager and instead of us telling you all about Jenny, we invited her to kick off her communications duties and introduce herself:

I am so glad to be joining the Aeolian Singers team. First and foremost, I am a fan of the choir and am very excited to be representing such an incredible group of singers.

Before marriage and two kids, I was a professional theatre stage manager for 10 years and transitioned into a career of event management, which I am still involved in today. In 2010, I took a break from professional work to be home with my little kids. Our family spent the next eight years in the USA living in Seattle, Washington, Santa Cruz, California and Twin Falls, Idaho as my husband Dan built his career in science. Luckily, in 2018, we had an opportunity to move home to Halifax and be closer to family and friends again. After all that traveling, it’s clear that there is no better place to live than Nova Scotia!

“This is a choir like no other”
I will be reaching out regularly to update you on the exciting news of the choir, opportunities to get involved with us, and where to find out more about concerts and upcoming events. This is a choir like no other and is in the process of evolving and setting a new bar for excellence in choral music for Nova Scotia. Under the incredible creative direction of Heather Fraser, the Aeolian Singers are on their way to redefining what choral singing can be, for audiences old and new.

I am very pleased to be part of this new adventure with the Aeolian Singers. I hope you will join us along the way.