Our Mission, Vision, Values


We are a Halifax-based, woman-identified upper voices choir seeking to expand and celebrate women’s choral music through performance and commissioning of new works. We provide a space for woman-identified musicians to hone their craft while being part of a community, and contributing to Nova Scotia’s evolving cultural landscape.


We believe in the power of sisterhood to enrich lives through the transformative potential of song.


We are storytellers who value artistic expression.

We work hard to hone our skills and seek out challenges.

We strive for constant individual and collective growth and seek to offer educational opportunities for our choristers and the wider community.

We carry one another with laughter, joy and positivity.

We take creative risks, we are adaptable, and our ever-evolving repertoire challenges the boundaries of traditional choral music.

We value diversity in our voices and hold a safe space for each other.

Our identity as a choir is rooted in the wider choral ecosystem, and we foster exchange beyond our geographic boundaries for inspiration, education, and collaboration.

Commitment to Diversity and Inclusion

Our choir has a long history of lifting one another up as we strive for musical excellence. We want to honour this legacy, while continuing to grow and evolve as an organization. We offer all members a safe, welcoming, space where they can feel valued and have opportunities to develop genuine connections with one another. We also believe that it will deeply enrich our choir to diversify the voices included in the Aeolians, and welcome singers from all backgrounds who meet audition standards.

As an organization, the Aeolian Singers are committed to improving our knowledge and practices in the areas of accessibility, diversity, equity and inclusion. We commit to educating ourselves, and to reaching out to include the voices and perspectives of diverse groups, especially those who may not historically have been part of the choir. We will work to be actively anti-racist and anti-homophobic, and to remove barriers to full participation in the choir, including those based on financial issues and disability. We will continue to challenge and adapt our policies, practices, and use of language to accomplish these goals.

Additionally, there is powerful and exciting music from many different cultures and communities around the world. We will amplify these songs and stories by choosing diverse repertoire and engaging in meaningful collaborations with and learning from artists from a variety of cultural and linguistic backgrounds.

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We are women from all walks of life who welcome and support each other in our quest to touch people with our music.

An Aeolian Singer