Sing With Us

We would love to welcome you into our singing community.

We are an inclusive and supportive community of singers with a passion for music, and love to welcome new members. To learn more about who we are as a choir and as people, please take some time to check out Our Story.

Members of our choir are:

Open to laughing, working hard and learning all at the same time.

Interested in learning and performing a wide range of upper-voice repertoire which embraces a diversity of genres, cultures, styles and eras.

Able to attend weekly rehearsals in HRM, Monday evenings 6:30 - 9:00.

Active participants in achieving the choir’s goal of reaching our full musical potential by committing to the rehearsal and concert schedule, coming prepared and working on your music in between rehearsals

Able to bring previous choral/musical experience and knowledge—including theory, sight-singing, knowing your way around a score.

Willing to volunteer support with a range of other choir operations, such as events, promotion and fundraising activities.

Willing to learn in an accepting and encouraging environment that fosters both individual and collective risk-taking.

Open to an inclusive and supportive community of singers.


Audition times are generally January, June, and August, but can occasionally happen through the year.

No formal auditions are currently being held.
Contact Joanne Slack, Assistant Conductor to schedule an appointment instead.

For your audition, singers will be asked to:

Sing a variety of basic vocal exercises.

Sing a song of your choice. This can be in any style. Sing something you can perform confidently that will show your true voice and authentic self. (If accompanied piece, please bring extra score.)

Sight-sing a choral score, sing aural exercises (don’t worry, we are not looking for perfection).

Tell us about yourself in a friendly chat to make sure the choir is the right fit for you.

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to Joanne Slack, Assistant Conductor

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I enjoy being in a group of like-minded women who love singing as much as I do.

An Aeolian Singer